My 'D' (Freddie King style blues)

I was so young when I fell in love with my D.
Too young to know the measning of the word 'sexy'

But she was so feline, she had curves up and down her back.
And all the boys wanna take her out, spin her round some track...
I was too young to drive, I could only watch jealously.
Dreaming about my D, and how she purr for me
ust like a pussy cat.

She had my soul, I had her picture on my wall.
I was just thirteen years old,
You could say she had me by the balls
(but i can't 'cos there's ladies here and i don't want to offend nobody)
But guys, if you remember how it felt to be thirteen,
You know just what I mean.
Too young to know the meaning of the word 'sexy.'

I know what you're thinking about my heart's desire.
I ain't talking about no gal, I'm talking about a D-type Jaguar!
She was a racing car, you see,
And I spent my whole life looking for a woman as beautiful as she.
She taught me all I know about the meaning of the word 'sexy'.

© Tim Hain 2004

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