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© Tim Hain 2004
"St. Mary’s?  Third right, first left!”

I came upon this vantage point thanks to the goodwill of a Goodwood official. He saw me snooping around with my cameras and ushered me upstairs to the tower beside the start-finish line, out of bounds to all without a pass.  I found myself standing at the exact spot from which I had photographed the start of the 'TT' in 1964, whilst on official duty in the commentary box, as a junior member of the BARC.

For the rest of the day, the official let me come and go as I pleased . A gentleman beside me offered me the loan of his pass, which would have allowed me onto the grid for the start. I declined. "You'll never get it back!" I told him. Besides, I thought, it'll spoil the ethic of the book. I later kicked myself.