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"The car in front is a Brabham…and so is the bloke behind"

'Black Jack' (in a Maclaren), age 73, follows a car of his own design during practice for the 1999 Glover Trophy, which turned out to be the fastest race ever run at Goodwood. During the race he tangled with Jackie Oliver and slammed into the bank at Lavant Corner at 120 mph. He was concussed but relatively unscathed,and ended up in hospital for the first time in his career...

The late Steve O' Rourke was standing with Lady Brabham when it happened, and likened the hush that fell upon the crowd to the eerie silence we had both witnessed as boys the day Moss crashed in'62. He tried to reassure her. "Don't worry," he said,"I'm sure he's alright."
Her answer was pure Aussie: "He'd better bloody be - he's my ride home!"

Asked about his impending retirement, Sir Jack replied: "I'll review it when I'm eighty!".