"Absolutely enchanting. Tim’s  pictures are really great.  I'm amazed he has never held a press pass". –Sir Stirling Moss

Lap of Honour is a compelling pictorial journey back to a Golden Age of Motor Racing, driven by the photographs and memories of a 14 year old schoolboy.  Tim Hain’s presentation is based upon his own hitherto unpublished photographs which span 45 years, with original music.  A “Lap Of Honour” event includes ‘live’ songs, DVD clips, questions and answers…and even a whisky tasting, featuring  the “Jim Clark Malt”, a single cask Glen Moray bottled in honour of the much-loved champion.

“We were most impressed by Tim Hain’s talk, his music, and his “Renaissance Man” persona. A great evening was had by all.” – Rob Ford, leader – Club Lotus of Avon.

“Lap Of Honour” will shortly be available as a DVD – a montage of photographs, original songs, and  filmed interviews with many heroes of the “Goodwood Revival” including Murray Walker, Sir Jack Brabham, and Sir Stirling Moss. Stirling has kindly contributed voiceovers to pictures of himself taken by Tim in a variety of cars, It also includes a tribute to Stirling, and music, by Mark Knopfler.

Armed only with an old Pentax, the author takes a "magical step back in time", revisiting yesterday's haunts and heroes and bringing them back to life. He does not dwell on facts, figures, dates and data, but conveys the atmosphere, beauty, excitement and humour of a timeless world.  As a genuine 'fan's eye view', the motor racing world has never seen anything like this. Although it is being produced as a DVD it naturally lends itself to the "coffee table book" format. It appeals to devotees and non-devotees alike. 

The journey begins on Easter Monday 1962, with Moss's tragic career-ending accident, and comes full circle at the Goodwood Revival in 1998.  Tim meets and rides with Moss, his first hero, and portrays the legend as he is today, still racing into his eighties!

Other contributors include former world champions John Surtees and Sir Jack Brabham;  Bette Hill, mother of Damon and widow of Graham; 50's racer Eric Thompson;  the author's boyhood mentor - racer and test pilot 'Dizzy' Addicott;  60's saloon car champ Sir John Whitmore; Genesis manager Tony Smith, etc.

At the age of 12 Tim Hain was captivated by the combination of motor racing and photography. By the age of 14 he had won the British Automobile Club's 'Motofoto' contest three times running and had pictures published in 'Sportscar' and 'Ford Times' magazines. With the death of his next major hero, Jim Clark, he lost interest in motor racing. His passion was reborn at the Goodwood Revival in 1998.

Sample photos (click to enlarge)
Lap of Honour

Martin Stretton Crash - Goodwood 2007
Author at work above, and result below.
(Stirling Moss & Roy Salvadori)