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Track listing:

Sing You My Love
Sunny Side Up
Meditating On Your Love
Love Live On
Feel Like A King
Whenever I Need A Friend
River Of Tears
You're My Pilot
You Know Me By Heart
The Drum


“Hugely entertaining-a breathtaking fusion of Blues and Reggae

Track Listing

1 Fine Time Child
2 Wind Cries Mary
3 Need Your Love So Bad
4 Somebody Turn On A Light
5 If I Ever Get Home
6 For What It's Worth
7 Madness Is Gladness )
8 Everybody's Talking To Themselves
9 Welcome To Iraq

10 One Man Went To Mojo
11 Feels So Nice
12 An Old Bluesman Never Dies
13 Misty Blue
14 Twenty Years Younger
15 Down Don’t Bother Me
16 That's What The Blues Is All About
17 I'm Just Getting Started
18 Put A Smile On Your Face (Live!)

1 Whole World Blind
2 Celebrate
3 Oh Friend
4 The Answer
5 Firstlight
6 Long As I Got Life
7 Thank You So Much
8 City Of Music
9 Be Still
10 Movement Is Tranquility
"Sunny Side Up" currently out of print
"Excellent - best I've heard in some time!" - Bill Wyman